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What does your dog do when you're not home?

Dog TV

How does your dog feel when you are not around? Bored? Lonely? Anxious?

Now there's an great way to keep your dog engaged when you're not there with him or her. A premium cable television network with shows that are produced exclusively for pampered pooches around the world - Dog TV.

It's the world's first television network that provides 24/7 digital TV programming designed just for dogs. The programs, created with the help of dog specialists, is color-adjusted to appeal to dogs, and features 3-6 minute segments designed to relax, and expose the dog to scenes of everyday life such as doorbells or riding in a vehicle. 

Dog TV is based on more than 60 studies from world leading universities and veterinary schools. Ever since the late 1960s, scientists and researchers have examined animal behavior, to learn key patterns in their natural behavior, and test effects of socialization and habituation on dogs. You and your best friend can try Dog TV for free for the next 14 days right here! 


For more than three decades major pet organizations such as the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States and the American Humane Association have recommended leaving the television on for stay at home pets. According to these organizations, leaving the TV on for dogs can reduce stress and provide visual stimulation by showing images of things they're comfortable around.

Another imaginative alternative is to hang engaging fine art pieces at your dog's eye level near his or her food bowl. The artwork could include anything from larger-than-life portraits of dogs to fire-hydrant-centric landscapes or even still life images of dog food. Looking for some gallery-wrapped fine art canvas prints for your dog? Try

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