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It's a common misconception that dogs only see in black, white and shades of gray. Recent studies have confirmed that though their color-receptor cells are not as evolved as humans, dogs have color vision and enjoy color imagery!


That explains why dogs now have their own premium cable TV channel, and exclusive art shows in London and New York. That also explains why Francis Cleetus, a Pittsburgh-based painter, cartoonist and designer is making sure art goes to the dogs, literally. He has created an unusual collection of photo art at to keep your dog engaged when you're away from home. After all, how long can your cultured canine play with that gnawed bone?


“It’s fine art that hangs on a wall,

but at your dog’s-eye level.”


“Your cultured canine deserves

his or her own private art gallery.”


“Art that appeals to your refined dog

and adds to your fine home.”





Questions Anyone?


Q: What does research say about my dog's color vision?

A: The retina is where scientists have found the key to the difference in color perception between dogs and people. The retina is composed of millions of light-sensing cells including cones," the American Kennel Club reports, "humans have three cones, dogs have two." AKC cites research from Jay Neitz, who runs the Neitz Color Vision Lab at the University of Washington, which now believes that a dog's color vision is akin to a person who has red-green colorblindness.


Q: How do I keep my dog engaged when I'm not around?

A: In the past, dog moms made room for their pets to look out of a window, or stuffed a favorite hollow toy with peanut butter, or just got them a furry brother or sister. Then in February, 2012, Dog TV was launched in San Diego, California, and dogs now had their own Cable TV channel. But how much TV can a dog watch in a day? Consider fine art for your dog. You can put together your dog's private art gallery with pieces from art4arf.comnext to his or her food bowl!


Q: Would my dog be interested in colorful visual imagery?

A: Research has confirmed that dogs react to color images. More importantly, the dog's-eye view of the world is very different from ours. Where we see a red fire hydrant, they see an important territory marker. What looks like a chewed-up ball to us, is an invitation to play to them. When you see another dog, your dog sees a fellow canine who needs to know their relative hierarchy. That's why, artist Francis Cleetus crafted an art collection specifically to appeals to dogs.


Q: Where can I find one-of-a-kind gifts for my beloved dog?

A: You spend weeks on your laptop browsing through gift ideas for your family and friends. You locate that quadcopter drone for your son, and track down that automatic cocktail maker for your husband. But what about your beloved dog? That same box of gourmet treats again? Yet another ugly dog sweater? Time to think outside the doggie gift box. Time to consider fine art for refined dogs. You'll find art that appeals to your dog and adds flair to you home at

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"Art that appeals to your refined dog and adds to your fine home."
Local artist designs visual imagery for dogs.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - May 22, 2020
"It’s fine art that hangs on a wall, but at your dog’s-eye level!"
Art for Arf: Upper St. Clair resident goes to the dogs.
The Almanac - March 18, 2020
"I'm ready to share my art with all those cultured canines out there."
Artist creates art for dogs because our pets deserve art, too.
A Plus - October 23, 2018
Artist's Bio
Francis Cleetus
Francis started painting at a very early age. His Asian-Indian parents weren’t thrilled, expecting to see him in scrubs instead of overalls. He reluctantly got a degree in chemistry (yes, he admits his three attempts at turning lead into gold were unsuccessful) and joined a tire factory. Just months later, Francis realized he wasn’t cut out for the shop floor and started working at an ad agency. His parents weren’t thrilled this time around, either. Over the next two decades, he won a host of creative awards at ad agencies in India, Hong Kong and the US. He also found his own unique voice as a creative director, painter, cartoonist and graphic designer. But he still hasn't figured out why his wife prefers mauve over lilac.
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